What are the disc golf discs that Reddit recommends the most for beginners? And where the heck are all the Kastaplast?!

The first post about Reddit’s most commonly recommended discs was well received with over 1200 visitors to the site and lots of positive discussion on the thread. However, there were a few points I thought would be fun to follow-up on.

A lot of people thought the first pass generated a pretty good list of beginner discs or a “starter bag”. To improve on this, I largely followed the same steps detailed for the full post (code available here) but with the added strings of “beginner” and “new player” in the URLs that redditextractoR compiled. I also manually excluded some obvious outliers like Innova’s Destroyer which probably shows up due to it specifically being brought up as a bad disc for beginners. Hopefully in the future I can learn how to automate this in some sort of sentiment analysis.

There was also some wonder about where some of the more obviously popular discs were like Kastaplast’s Berg, Axiom Envy, Discmania’s hyped discs, and others. In the original analysis I suspect those discs don’t make the cut because they aren’t usually “recommended” or “suggested” - but instead show up in other threads. To follow up on this hunch, I thought we could look at the results of over 300 recent posts about “Mail Calls” to see if these missing popular discs can be found.

First, the top 20 most recommended “beginner” discs…